Keyboard and Mouse

Experiential Consumerism

Mindfulness in Fashion

Career Development and Well-being

Purpose of this workshop is to guide consumer behavior towards experiences, minimalist consumption, good product awareness and creating value in the market. Can we buy moments over things? We explore the change-makers and consumers in this space across the globe, how to develop tools and strategies to buy, sell and experience with intention and purpose.

This workshop explores artisanship in our garments and shifting our mind-set to slow, not fast fashion. Our world is full of unmindful production and consumption. We develop an awareness of how to shop for clothing and look at fashion as collectible garments that we treasure, not throw away. Understanding a product's worth, why it's better, and how it could help you thrive or survive. We dive into the craft of design, giving purpose to our clothing choices, and most importantly how to look at promoting fashion consumption or new trends that will last for years, not seasons.

To truly develop quality of life in the work you do, you should understand how to build knowledge and skills to reach your desired career goals and purpose. It is important to become aware of what a work-life balance should offer you and the emotional stability to handle any tasks, issues or stress in the future of work.We all need to find our place, and we can choose and benefit from a safe space where we can thrive as humans, while also helping to benefit society.

Study Abroad Short Course



This short course combines Experiential Consumerism and Mindfulness in Fashion workshops into one course, for a two week travel course in Portugal and Spain.