I want all of us to live in a world dedicated to the social, human and ecological systems that power it. Human culture is one focused around well-being, but we must strive to allow ourselves to learn, educate and speak up about what matters to us, in our personal and professional lives. I want people to feel empowered while being educated. The most effective and powerful actions are by those that change the conversation, that show up and speak. Your identity can stem from your personality, your interests, your creativity. Your authentic voice can be built by your own powerful narrative and will help make the difference you strive for.


The different attributes I base my teaching on builds fulfillment, connection and engagement. There is power in storytelling because learning is very social, yet is curated for each individual. This community of purpose can be built around all of those narratives that bring together trust and knowledge—defined by evolving a learner's identity in their social and professional role in life. Allow creativity, flexibility, and diversity to show up so that you can build relationships that are dynamic and effective.

My experience in communication, marketing and education allow me to create authentic and compelling content that both educates and captures the attention of employees, students and consumers. My communication standard is to lead, coexist, create and execute ideas in order to sell, teach and engage. This experience led me to understand the deeper influence of the brands I worked for, as well as exploring how connections online made for better trust and relationships later. I invoke curiosity for learning solutions that deliver results and can understand how to integrate necessary strategies that align with the business goals of an organization. This connection to knowledge delivers authentic messages with growth opportunities—motivating people to build a collaborative environment that creates progress with purpose.

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