Education is everywhere. We need it to grow and develop so that we understand how to move forward living a life with intention. It should also provide the opportunity to not only enhance the mind, but also strengthen the self. Our culture can adapt to focus around well-being by allowing ourselves to learn what makes us thrive as individuals and never sacrifice our courage, or confidence. People can feel empowered while being educated, and the most effective and powerful actions are by those that show up and change the conversation. Build your education narrative with purpose and authenticity—and knowledge will emerge as you pursue experiences in the world with other humans.

The fabulous things are the narratives told through the experience of people who live, work and create with the intention of a higher purpose, or simply to inspire others with valuable knowledge. These experiences can create guidance for the future of the changing landscape in education and career development. My goal is to find tools in education comprised from dimensions of physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional choices based upon existing knowledge, and the experiences we have yet to discover. You can develop your own productive learning path towards a sustainable life and enhanced well-being, while impacting society in a positive way. My hope is that through these choices, we learn and grow to become even better humans.

"Experience is the mother of knowledge." - A Wrinkle In Time