Educational systems should provide the opportunity to not only enhance the mind, but also strengthen the self. Our culture can adapt to focus around well-being by allowing ourselves to learn what makes us thrive as individuals and never sacrifice our courage, or confidence. People can feel empowered while being educated, and the most effective and powerful actions are by those that show up and change the conversation. Authentic communication between teacher and student happens when they both can add their own dimension to the teaching and learning process. Build your education narrative with purposeled by creativity, personality and interest. Knowledge will emerge as you pursue experiences in the world with other humans.

The fabulous things are the narratives told through the experience of these humans who live, work and create with the intention of a higher purpose, or to simply inspire others. These experiences create a dialogue, forming the narrative of the future of education comprised from dimensions of physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional choices. My hope is that through these choices, we grow and become even better humans.

"Experience is the mother of knowledge." - A Wrinkle In Time


To connect teaching and learning in place, movement, or experience


To establish your sense of wonder by expanding knowledge


To be aware of the present moment and be guided with purpose


To live with an intention that allows you to be vulnerable

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