I am storyteller and educator who loves to connect with other humans. I teach through experience, and believe that every moment can be an unforgettable lesson if we take time to appreciate the stillness in order to listen. Enjoy and learn from every moment—to live through your true identity, communicate authentically from the mind and heart, and collaborate to build positive relationships.

Education can come from many places, and can lead you to the career and life that best suits you. I strive for a world in which we care about a more human-centered approach to work and creativity, but a place where you can also challenge yourself to create a path that never existed. I believe in the self-empowerment of education that stems from dimensions of physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional choices. These choices help to develop attributes that help us grow and be better humans.


My goal with TFT is to motivate and inspire with diverse and purposeful narratives that are built from the knowledge of moving us forward in a productive, yet healthy way. My hope is to provide resources built from experience by connecting with the intellectual art form of humans—mainly teachers—who by their creative endeavors help others discover new things to learn and act upon. These individuals create value in places like education, technology, fashion, the arts, performance, media, health, wellness, and politics.


"Experience is the mother of knowledge." - A Wrinkle In Time


To connect teaching and learning in place, movement, or experience


To establish your sense of wonder by expanding knowledge


To be aware of the present moment and be guided with purpose


To live with an intention that allows you to be vulnerable

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